About Us

Our core belief: traditional values for true fulfillment

We at PVV believe that each child needs to be groomed into a competitive global citizen, while remaining rooted in traditional Indian values. The wisdom of our ancient texts and shared by great acharyas provide us the guidance to nurture compassionate, responsible and successful citizens. This belief forms the core of our philosophy, practiced by every member of our team.
While the school provides CBSE curriculum with every world-class amenity such as smart classrooms, comprehensive labs and technology-enabled learning systems, it also inculcates deep-reaching practices such as Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Poorna Vikasa stands for complete development, and we gently bring out every child to be his or her unique, gifted self. Music, sports, dance, art, crafts and theatre arts form a vital part of our learning.


Encouragement, empathy and guidance are the best tools any teacher can have. Our academic team is mentored in these aspects by professional trainers consistently. In our large classrooms, we keep the student strength to a maximum of 30, to foster individual attention. We take care not to burden the child with excessive homework, by completing the learning within the school-hours. By providing lockers, we ease the child’s burden of carrying heavy books from home and back.

Parents being the prime participants in the child’s overall development, we encourage mothers and fathers to be part of PVV. Through regular meetings and consultations, we aim to bring the home to our school.

We foresee a school filled with laughter as well as the buzz of learning – a happy child is a bright child!


  • 1. Indoor games arena
  • 2. Full-sized football field with certified state- and national-level coaches
  • 3. World-class cricket pitch with nets and bowling machine
  • 4. Regular coaching camps
  • 5. Badminton, basketball and baseball courts

    Deeper learning

  • 1. Yoga & meditation classes
  • 2. Shloka learning and recitals
  • 3. Meditation hall

    Arts & culture

  • 1. Large auditorium
  • 2. Training in theatre, dance, storytelling, music etc
  • 3. Cultural events

    Functional learning

  • 1. Public speaking
  • 2. Life skills
  • 3. Confidence and self-esteem