Education Trivia-Children learn better from practical activities


Children learn better from practical activities

Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori was an Italian physician and educator who founded a successful education method using a scientific pedagogy. In one of her earliest experiments, Montessori observed that the children showed short bursts of deep attention and concentration and an appreciation of their environment.

Children learn better from practical activities

Given a free choice of activity, the children tended to prefer practical activities over toys and games and seemed to shun sweets and other rewards. As a result, spontaneous self-discipline emerged in the children. Montessori codified these observations after several experiments into a system that is today known as the Montessori system. It is practiced in many schools around the world.

Activities engage children

We are glad that your child is also studying in the same spontaneous learning environment which Maria Montessori established in 1906. (Adapted from Wikipedia)


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