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Chairman’s message

My Dear parents, colleagues and honourable mentors,

It gives me immense pleasure to see a long-cherished dream turn into reality. Thanks to the coordinated and committed efforts of a handful of very capable individuals, Poorna Vikasa Vidyalaya has come to life. It is gratifying to know that soon, we can see our beloved children take firm steps towards a balanced, successful life.
In the last few years, the world’s expectations from its young population have changed dramatically. In India too, youngsters are facing loftier standards to measure up to. As the world shrinks into a tightly networked arena, everyone looks upon the youth to drive the change with stronger performance.
It’s in this context that I believe our vision becomes most relevant. Our youth needs to be anchored in the age-old values created and nurtured by our sages and philosophers; the purity and timeless wisdom embedded in them will equip our children to excel. At the same time, they need to be competitive global citizens with cutting-edge skills and learning.
Together, let’s pledge to create a school that our children would love to call ‘home’. Let’s create it with care, commitment and respect.


M Manjunath
Chairman,PVV School